P22 Marcel Script

Image of lowercase letters a-z from font P22 Marcel Script.

The beautiful letters had been written by a Frenchman named Marcel Heuzé during the depths of WWII and mailed from a Nazi labor camp in Berlin. But Carolyn didn’t know that when she found the letters at an antique store and began converting the scrolled handwriting into a modern computer font. During the months Marcel was conscripted to work in Germany, he mailed those letters to his beloved wife and daughters back home in rural France. The pages included beautiful expressions of love along with testimony of survival inside the camp.

The font — which is proudly named in his honor — includes textural details that retain the expressive character of Marcel’s original script handwriting. The Pro version of the font has more than 1,300 alternate glyphs and is distributed by the P22 Type Foundry.

To learn more about Marcel Heuzé, and the book Marcel’s Letters: A Font and the Search for One Man’s Fate, visit Carolyn’s personal website.

Certificate of Typographic Excellence, Type Director’s Club
Typeface Design Winner, Communication Arts magazine
Typeface Design Winner, Print magazine
Selection, international Project Passion exhibition
Winner, AIGA-Minnesota annual design competition

P22 Type Foundry
Date Released
February 2014