“Encore Society” Planned Giving Brochure

sample pages from brochure for The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra's Encore Society; design by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc.

One challenge was to package complicated financial information — including tax implication and estate planning considerations — in an easy-to-understand way. One design goal, according to the client’s initial brief, was to create a brochure patrons would want to keep for years since thoughtful estate planning can be a lengthy process.

The design solution included a short section of a musical score commissioned by the Orchestra, photos of current Encore Society members and information on their estate planning, a translucent fly sheet, a pocket that contained inserts that could be updated as needed, and a custom envelope that used the same short section of score. Throughout the suite of materials readers saw a list of reasons they should consider including the Orchestra in their estate plan:

For the passions that have yet to be pursued.
For the music that has yet to be performed.
For the musician who has yet to take the stage.
For the audience that has yet to be assembled.

The result? According to Carolyn’s client, a member of the orchestra’s Board of Directors stated the brochure was “the most beautiful piece ever created for the orchestra.”

The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
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