Close up teaser image of an X-ray of a seashell, used in an invitation designed by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc. for The Saint Paul Foundation

Fundraising Invitation

Collage of pages for fundraising event, designed by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc. for The Saint Paul Foundation. The materials include x-ray images of seashells.

You might think of the invitation as a throw-away aspect of a fundraising event. But what if the invitation results in a tangible impact on the bottom line?

When a trio of Florida-residing Minnesota natives wanted to host a reception to raise funds for two Minnesota-based programs close to their hearts, the team at The Saint Paul Foundation knew the invitation needed to make an impression. The tagline “When one looks inside, the view is often quite different” accompanied x-ray images of seashells.

The two programs highlighted at the event were the Community Sharing Fund, which makes grants to individuals and families in crisis, and The Jeremiah Program, which helps low-income mothers become self-reliant. In both cases, the hosts wanted guests to take an empathetic look at individuals who may present a façade of self-reliance, but may have been dealing with issues relating to housing, healthcare, childcare, self-esteem, and lack of education or opportunity.

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“I just wanted to send a quick note about the fabulous donor event invites your designed for us. They were unique, beautiful, and really made an impact. Every single person who RSVP’d showed up for the event, which is unprecedented. I attribute it to the stand-out impression those invitations made with every attendee. Thanks for your superb attention to detail, creative flair, and your unflappable and flexible approach to challenging timelines and several rounds of adjustments! It was truly a pleasure working with you. Thank you.”