Marcels Letters


For more than twenty years, Carolyn has been a professional storyteller. Stories have historically been told using tools of graphic design: images, color, infographics, brand elements, and typography. But if you think about it, both graphic design and storytelling require the ability to articulate concepts, organize information, and elicit an emotion or action. Though clients primarily hire Carolyn for graphic design, many have partnered with her for copywriting and editorial services, too.

Copywriting: whether it’s a page or a paragraph, Carolyn has helped clients craft messages about their mission, products, and services.

Editorial input: Carolyn especially enjoys editing technical documents where clarity is of utmost importance.

Social media messaging: Carolyn has helped clients with scheduled and ad hoc social media posts.

Change messaging: Carolyn has helped clients communicate change to customers and employees.

In addition to writing for clients, Carolyn has written for HOW magazine’s Creative Freelancer blog and Smashing Magazine. In the coming months and years, Carolyn will be devoting more time and energy writing for clients and industry publications.

Visit Carolyn’s personal website to learn more about her book Marcel’s Letters: A Font and the Search for One Man’s Fate.