Close up teaser image showing detail of materials designed by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc. for St. Kate's fundraising collateral

Fundraising Materials

A collage of pages designed to support St. Kate's annual fundraising materials, designed by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc.

The challenge presented by St. Catherine University (previously named The College of St. Catherine; still affectionately referred to as St. Kate’s) was to update materials used by the team of paid student fundraisers.

The suite of fundraising materials would be used by students when reaching out to alumnae. Forms included space to track conversations, pledges, payment history, and other information relevant to the initiative. The materials needed to be highly modular and work with the pre-programmed computer systems; a complicating request was that the client also wanted the materials to be more personalized than previous materials had ever been.

The design solution included iconic images from campus, along with a space for a new element: a student photo. The photo was a way to reinforce a personal connection between the alumnae and the student. Student photos included a first name and information on their major. To economize, all materials (except the digitally printed photo) were offset printed in two colors.

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“It was our most successful year ever. The final numbers aren’t in but we are already far ahead of where we’ve been … I know our excellent materials made a huge difference. I continue to be incredibly pleased with your work and professionalism. I really enjoy your style.”