Close up teaser image of hands interacting with iPad showing Lymphedema App designed by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc. for Tactile medical

Lymphedema/Chronic Wound iPad Apps

Sample images of iPad App designed by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc. for Tactile Medical showing Lymphedema and VA case studies

Medical device manufacturer Tactile Medical hired Carolyn to design two iPad apps their sales force could use when talking with physicians and lymphedema therapists about their flagship product: the Flexitouch® advanced pneumatic compression system.

Tactile Medical’s Flexitouch® Plus works by sequentially inflating and deflating chambers to create a gentle, wave-like motion that directs lymph fluid from the impaired area toward healthy regions of the body. The fluid is then naturally absorbed and processed by the body. The Flexitouch is designed for at-home treatment of lymphedema, chronic edema, chronic venous insufficiency, and chronic wounds.

The apps showed compelling before-and-after photos of patients who benefitted from using the Flexitouch device, details about patient results, and testimonials from clinicians overseeing patient care.

The apps launched to rave reviews. Sales reps said they expected to see an immediate positive business benefit by using the apps, and indeed they did. One rep reported they completed three sales the very first time they used it.

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“The iPad app was launched at the sales meeting with an amazing response from the reps! They LOVED it. Thank you so much for all your ingenuity and work on this project.””


“Using it was phenomenal; the [end customer] was completely engaged.”