Close up teaser image of four charts used in the Product Performance Report designed by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc. for Guidant

Product Performance Report

Collage of pages showing sample graphs from Guidant's Product Performance report, designed by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc.

When Guidant (now part of Boston Scientific) needed to publish technical product performance information in a single-page format, they hired Carolyn to figure out how it could be accomplished.

Data that had to be included on each page varied by product. Pages with information on pacemakers, for example, had to include average predicted battery longevity (referred to as “survival” and expressed in years), device volume, software version, BOL/ERT magnet rate information, and warranty length. Pages with information on leads included average predicted longevity, lead placement, fixation method, insulation material, polarity, and connector type.

Once all stakeholders agreed on what data needed to be included, Carolyn explored solutions for presenting all that information on a single page. After refining solutions based on client feedback, she helped with the production of the initial report. Subsequent reports were produced by in-house design staff.

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“As usual, you are spot on. We love your work! Such a talent for designing optimal layouts for clearly conveying information/data.”