Salesforce Communication Materials

Sample pages of Travelers Agent toolkit brochure; graphic design by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc.

The new tools were designed to help agents attract new customers, retain and develop clients, promote their agency, find and order marketing materials, and get to know Travelers better.

The challenge presented to Carolyn was to design an attention-grabbing direct mail promotion that would engage agents and educate them on this new toolkit. The mailing envelope was designed to look like a red metal toolbox. Inside, agents found a custom-designed notepad and a brochure that outlined the new tools. A blueprint-like pattern with technical drawings of a hammer, ruler, plier, wrench, bolts, screws, a screwdriver and the saying, “A great set of tools makes any job easier,” was used throughout. Bright colors and copy that reinforced the toolkit message helped make the promotion a success.

Travelers Insurance