“Magic of Music” Fundraising Event Materials

Sample layouts of "Magic of Music" event materials (invitation, signage, evening program, menu, catalog cover); graphic design by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc.

Carolyn began by interviewing a local magician, then she used what she learned to develop a lively design solution and vibrant color palette that was applied to all event materials. The primary visual was a magicians’s wand that — through the magic of a lenticular — morphed into a conductor’s baton.

Many event materials were printed in two colors to economize on print expenses. Materials included pre-event awareness materials, the event invitation package, the evening’s program — which even included directions for a magic trick attendees could attempt using their dinner napkin, a salt shaker and a coin — menu, auction catalog cover and event signage.

Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Alicia Schwab