“How It Works” Marketing Brochures

Three brochures showing how the Flexitouch system works; Map of northern Minnesota from "State of the Boundary Waters" report by Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness; graphic design by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc.

Tactile Medical’s Flexitouch® Plus system is the only pneumatic compression device clinically proven to stimulate the lymphatic system. Their advanced intermittent pneumatic compression device gives patients a comfortable and convenient way to self-manage lymphedema and nonhealing venous leg ulcers.

To show future Flexitouch Plus users how the upper extremity, lower extremity and head and neck systems works, Carolyn produced a series of brochures that included illustrations outlining the sequential inflation process.

Tactile Medical has been one of Carolyn’s many long-term clients. Over the past ten years, Carolyn has helped with marketing materials, technical forms, booth graphics, meeting materials, packaging and more.

“You are pure magic. We couldn’t do our jobs without you.”

Tactile Medical