Close up teaser image of "God Bless America" teaser poster designed after Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The words "white with foam" have been crossed out and replaced with "black with oil." Poster designed by graphic designer Carolyn Porter.

“God Bless America” Poster

"God Bless America" lyrics designed as a protest poster after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The words "white with foam" have been changed to "black with oil." Poster designed by Carolyn Porter.

After Deepwater Horizon began spewing millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf, Carolyn made this poster as a way to express outrage at the environmental damage.

Hundreds of posters were printed and mailed to national and regional politicians, EPA administrators, U.S. Coast Guard officials, volunteers on the front lines of rescuing birds and turtles, reporters, environmental advocacy groups — even to BP executives. Letters that accompanied the posters demanded that BP be held fully responsible for the damage caused to the Gulf ecosystem and economy. Louisiana’s Belle Chase Parish President Billy Nungesser dubbed the poster, “the ‘new’ national anthem for the Gulf Coast.” Others described the poster as both “heartbreaking” and “hauntingly beautiful.”

The poster was made with antique Hernard film titling letters individually glued onto a backing sheet, then doused with non-toxic, biodegradable oils and consumables. It was digitally printed with spot Dimensional Clear coating which made the “oil” appear shiny.

The poster was a selection for the Poster Offensive show, which featured posters with messages of peace and democracy.

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