Close up teaser image with the headline "what am I missing?" from brochure designed by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc. for the Sales Force Automation team at Guidant.

SalesForce Automation Materials

Collage of images for brochure designed for Guidant's Sales Force Automation team, designed by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc.

The Sales Force Automation group at Guidant (now part of Boston Scientific) hired Carolyn to design several pieces of collateral, including this piece which was used at a once-a-year sales meeting.

Individuals in Guidant’s sales force had varying levels of computer proficiency, so the technical information needed to be presented in a way that would engage high-end users, yet not overwhelm lower-end users.

A layered approach was developed. The first layer of information communicated the “what’s in it for me?” benefit to engage the reader. The second layer of information outlined key objectives for the year. The final layer included detailed steps on how to implement the technology. The brochure was accompanied by display graphics, buttons and other tools.

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“The brochures turned out fabulous. Use of color is dynamite and the fold-out pages keep the information exciting and organized. Bravo!”