Sample screens of Boston Scientific's WATCHMAN iPad App; graphic design by Carolyn Porter of Porterfolio, Inc.

This WATCHMAN iPad app included six sections:

The introduction addressed the question: Why WATCHMAN™” (Answer: the one-time procedure reduces the risk of stroke by 5x!)

The product overview outlined features of the WATCHMAN, and provided information on the access and delivery sheaths used during the implant.

Product specifications outlined information on materials, device size options, indications for use, and ordering information.

Clinical data included information on implant success rate, along with safety and efficacy data.

The video included play-on-demand videos designed for implanting physicians, patient testimonials, and information on the left atrial appendage.

Tools for patients included a video for patients, brochures, patient guides, and links to online resources (brochures designed by in-house Boston Scientific design team).

Boston Scientific